Information to our partners and customers

In order to ensure the supply of Biorigin’s products to the food and feed chains and to monitor the exposure of the company and its employees to the dissemination of Covid-19 in all continents where the company operates, some proactive measures are being taken to mitigate a possible impact to our partners and customers.

To better handle the situation Biorigin has deployed its Risk Management policy, and following the authorities guidelines, since March 11th we enabled employees of our units located in the USA and Europe, as well as sales teams all around the world, to work remotely if their role allows for it.

Following internal guidelines, we put in place a Risk Management Policy and, together with the authorities of each country where Biorigin has offices/employees, since March 11th the company adopted a home office regime for administrative positions.

Biorigin has also intensified the cleaning routine in its offices and production units. In addition, we are offering a direct line to support employees that have any concerns related to the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Biorigin is also working diligently to mitigate any negative impact that this pandemic may have in the supply chain and are committed to keep supplying our customers with our products and services. To assure uninterrupted services, production and deliveries we have identified backups for all our key positions within those areas.

Biorigin is also working closely with each customer, giving them the option to ship their orders earlier whenever possible. In addition, we are continuously monitoring the supply chain and, although the closure of borders, ports and airports are out of our direct control, we have sought to establish alternative routes. Our customer service team is available to discuss any specific needs of your company.

Our risk management team is closely monitoring the guidelines of health authorities around the world and we will , if necessary, take new measures to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and communities as well as assuring the continuity of service to our customers.

Biorigin remains at your disposal to provide further information and assistance. We wish continued health to your family, colleagues and community.

Emerson Vasconcelos
CEO Biorigin