The company will conduct a speech on the role of yeast in animal health on September 26, at 4 PM, room 3, during the Pork Expo 2018 Conference. 

(São Paulo - SP) For the first time as an expositor at Pork Expo, Biorigin will promote at its #PR26 boot two new products to improve animal health, well-being and productivity: Biotide extra and HyperGen.

Biotide extra is a source of nucleotides, an essential component for growing animals or animals in the stage of challenging, which optimizes intestinal mucosa cell renewal, favoring the maintenance of intestinal health and integrity, aiding in the animal’s development. Hypergen is the prebiotic developed to have a powered effect and action in the natural defenses of the gut, besides promoting the agglutination of pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria and functioning as a substrate for beneficial bacteria, providing for the maintenance of the intestinal integrity, aiding in the animal’s defense and development.

On participating at the speech promoted by the company, the visitors will have the opportunity to learn about all the benefits of yeast, a natural solution that acts on the improvement of the zootechnical levels, even at highly challenging situations. On September 26, the Technical Manager Eliana Dantas will speak at 4 PM, room 3, on the topic: Yeast: naturally changing technology in the improvement of the health and development of pigs.

Pork Expo will take place at Foz do Iguaçu - PR, from September 26 to 27, at Hotel Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort & Convention (