Biorigin in partnership with Escama Forte presents its naturally changing technology to promote the health and well-being of fishes at Aquishow 2019

Increasing the productivity and profitability of the fish producer using natural solutions, this is the proposal of Biorigin which, in partnership with Escama Forte at Booth #87, 88, 89, participates in the Aquishow, held from May 14th to 17th, in Santa Fé do Sul, SP.

It is known that in intensive systems the high stocking densities and the problems resulting from inadequate handling make the animals more susceptible to diseases. For João Fernando Albers Koch, Biorigin's Aqua Technical Manager, "Preventive action, preparing the fish body for challenges is critical to guaranteeing productive rates and ensuring the producer profits”.

"In national tilapia farming, bacterial infestation, such as Streptococcus agalactiae, brings huge damages. We have several studies that prove the efficiency and good results of our products in situations of great challenges”, adds Koch.

Biorigin offers a complete line of solutions produced from yeast and derivatives to reduce the use of antibiotics (prophylactically), as well as additives that promote productive performance, gut health and strengthening of the natural defenses of fish and shrimp. "They are products with a high concentration of proteins, functional carbohydrates and nucleotides, as well as prebiotics, beta-glucans and organic selenium, which contribute to the performance and the health in different life stages", explains Koch.

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