Biorigin attends Nordic Pet Food Conference & Exhibition in Porto, Portugal

Company presents solutions aligned to global pet food demands at Nordic Pet Food Conference & Exhibition in Porto, Portugal, from October 8th to 9th

he trends in pet food are increasingly following those of human consumption. With the humanization (the pet esteem as it was a member of the family), it became evident that the masters seek for their pets a food with appeals similar to those that they seek for themselves.

Produced from yeasts and derivatives, the Company's portfolio includes natural solutions that meet the most featured claims that were in the global pet food product launches in the last three years, and which have both functional and sensorial properties.

The Company's key product within this segment is MacroGard, which will be the highlight of the company’s participation at Nordic Pet Food Conference & Exhibition. “MacroGard, purified beta-glucan, is a biological response modifier that acts on the natural defenses, balancing their action and contributing to the endurance, health and well-being of pets. Studies conducted with MacroGard have shown positive effects in dogs with different conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, osteoarthritis and obesity. We invite the audience to learn more about beta-glucans at our booth”, complements Carlos Alberto de Oliveira, Biorigin’s Technical Manager of the Pet segment.

The Biorigin's portfolio also includes solutions that “are interesting tools for food manufacturers to differentiate and segment the products according to specific needs, age groups, breed, etc. We have high-protein solutions that improve the attractiveness of the food, which promote the gut health and the maintenance of natural defenses. They also are 100% natural, clean label, GMO Free, GMP+, 100% safe, since they guarantee the traceability of the entire production process from the raw material, and they are also sustainable”, adds Oliveira.

Nordic Pet Food Conference & Exhibition - The event is characterized by its open atmosphere for debate, networking opportunities, and by the quality of the lecturers, establishing itself as a prominent event in Europe for its renowned audience and its high technical quality. Its main objective is to bring together experts from different regions of Europe to stimulate the innovation and new opportunities for pet food producers, who will be in direct contact with qualified ingredient suppliers during the event. Visit