BIORIGIN ATTENDS OVUM - Latin American Poultry Congress

The company presents at Ovum, booth #224-225, which shares with its distributor Addera, the Naturally Transforming Technology to improve the health and performance of poultry by adding natural ingredients that are functional and nutritional

Consumers are increasingly concerned about what they consume. According to Nielsen (2016), more than half of Latin American consumers are avoiding the hormones or antibiotics used in animal products (59%), the artificial flavors (54%), and the artificial preservatives (54%).

Biorigin, since its formation, develops and produces natural solutions for the promotion of health and well-being of people and animals. With this proposal, the company will bring to the Latin American Poultry Congress - OVUM, at the booth #224-225, which shares with its official Peruvian distributor, Addera, its Naturally Transforming Technology for nutrition, health and performance of poultry.

According to the Global Technical Manager of Monogastrics, Eliana Dantas: "There is a challenge of a production free from antibiotic use, not only driven by regulatory bodies, but also by consumers themselves, who consider them harmful to their own health and to their relatives. Producers then seek solutions to improve the productivity and the profitability in a more naturally way. We invite you to visit our booth for an exchange of knowledge and to learn more about Biorigin and its products”.

Produced from yeast derivatives, Biorigin ingredients meet the most important demands of poultry producers and consumers: they are natural, safe, sustainable, and are committed to maintaining the health and the high productivity performance, as they help to balance the natural defenses and to improve the gut health, the nutrient absorption, the selenium intake, and the endurance under stress conditions.

The event will be held from October 9 to 11, in Lima, Peru.