With a direct impact on the business, the environmental issue is institutionally approached in the company’s Philosophy, the Quality Management Policy and the Conduct Code, the main documents that define Zilor’s and Biorigin’s action guidelines.

The entire production process uses renewable resources, from clean and renewable electric power, coming from the biomass made by the sugarcane bagasse and crop residues, up to the treatment and reuse of the produced effluents, used for fertigation.

The company also develops a series of biodiversity preservation actions, such as the production of springs and preservation, management, and recovery of permanent preservation areas of farms and natural reserves.


United States Environmental Protection Agency
This certification was created focusing on the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand the renewable fuel sector, reducing the petroleum dependency.

GHG Protocol Brazilian Program
The GHG Protocol Brazilian Program encourages the elaboration and disclosure of greenhouse effect emission (GEE) inventories, offering the participants access to tools and global standards.

Sedex Member
Sedex is a community entity dedicated to improving responsible and ethical business practices on global supply chains.
Biorigin is a member of Sedex since 2012.

Ecovadis is a collaborative platform that provides sustainability rankings involving suppliers for global supply chains.
Biorigin became a member of Ecovadis in 2016

The Bonsucro accreditation promotes the sustainable production and establishes a production standard for better social, environmental and economic practices.
Biorigin is the first producer to reach the Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard for yeast extracts and derivatives from certified fermentable sugar, reinforcing Biorigin’s commitment to social, environmental and economic practices for sustainable supply.



Zilor counts on several education programs for young people, in addition to environmental awareness and preservation programs and social and cultural commitment programs. The company’s priorities are systemic actions, gathering the community and its agents, with effective visibility and relevance.

Some of our social projects:

  • Aprender Sempre: the program offers full scholarships in university courses and financial aid for the employees’ children. The program exists since 2007.
  • Sempre Vôlei Project: education through sports.
  • Zillo Lorenzetti Musical Band: an education and citizenship promotion initiative, whose goal is to contribute with the education of children and adolescents in the city of Lençóis Paulista. The program exists for over 20 years.

Learn more at: www.zilor.com.br