5 words that define Biorigin’s 20 years of HISTORY

In celebration of Biorigin’s 20th anniversary, we invited employees to describe the company in one word

Biorigin specializes in biotechnological processes to produce natural ingredients with guaranteed traceability of the entire process, from yeast generation to the final products, ensuring our customers’ trust.

With 20 years of experience in the market, the company develops exceptional food, pet food, and livestock feed solutions based on fermentation processes to promote human and animal health and well-being.

To celebrate Biorigin’s anniversary, employees were invited to define the company in one word! Check out the 5 top words mentioned in our survey:

To help you learn more about Biorigin, we selected the 5 words that best represent these 20 years of history. Read below about what each of them means for the organization and its employees:


This value means committing to producing natural ingredients with full traceability of the production cycle, from the raw material (sugarcane) to the final products that meet or exceed the highest safety, purity, effectiveness, and sustainability standards, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust!


Achieving exceptional results and continually improving its processes through extensive research and partnership with renowned institutes and universities, innovation, and focus on efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability. Based on Zilor’s 77 years of fermentation experience, Biorigin strives to achieve exceptional results and operational efficiency.


Biorigin is committed to advancing human and animal health, nutrition, and well-being of people and animals, fostering a continuous improvement corporate culture and customer-focused strategy. It is driven by the search for the best solutions proven by partnerships and research. It is genuinely passionate about creating ingredients that positively impact lives worldwide, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone.


Innovation means the dynamic search for new ideas, technologies, and solutions that drive the development of high-quality natural ingredients, ensuring that the company continues to meet the latent demands of consumers and markets based on science and biotechnology. That involves optimizing resources, minimizing waste, and exploring more sustainable production practices, balancing the organization’s development and environmental impacts.


Biorigin has shown DETERMINATION by incorporating dedication and perseverance when seeking to spread its mission by targeted work aligned with the customers’ needs and priorities to ensure that their success and satisfaction remain at the center of Biorigin’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Based on its expertise in biotechnology and fermentation, safe raw materials, and high-quality products, Biorigin uses its know-how to build clean and sustainable food flavors through its natural ingredients, helping customers develop tasty and successful recipes worldwide.

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