Is the proliferation of front-of-pack labeling affecting YOU?

Around the world, Front-of-Pack Guidance schemes are helping consumers make more informed choices to enhance health and reduce the risk of obesity and related diseases. As a consequence of Front-of-Pack Guidance, food companies have been encouraged to reformulate their products stimulating favourable compositional changes to products. 

There are many types of FOP schemes. Check below the main ones: 

  • Endorsement systems: which apply to logos and seals from a positive perspective to increase the purchase of endorsed products, like the keyhole logo from Sweden.   

  • Summary systems that provide an overall score or rating, like the Health Star Rating from Australia and New Zealand or the NutriScore in EU members states.

  • Monochromatic guideline for daily amounts (GDA) systems, voluntarily used by the food industry across the world, mainly in the US. 

  • Color-coded GDA or reference intake FOPNL systems, like the one voluntarily used in the UK.

  • Nutrient-specific text-based and color-coded systems, like the one approved in Ecuador.

  • Nutrient-specific with nutritional warnings (“high/excess”), widely approved in several countries in Latin America and Canada.

As observed, the amount of salt and sodium are classified in almost all schemes, and their reduction becomes a distinguished leverage. But it is not an easy task. Salt is one of the most functional ingredients in nature. It can bring taste, texture, shelf life, and food safety.  

And when it comes to taste, the tolerable threshold will also depend on consumers’ habits. The amount of salt to reduce without impacting taste perceptions will differ based on regional preferences, a challenge to food industries.  

Umami-rich compounds like yeast extracts are one of the best options to enhance the flavor profiles in salt-reduced formulations. Yeast extracts are natural-origin ingredients that contribute to a savory and full sensation during eating and boost overall flavor. 

Biorigin has the BIONIS a wide and versatile line of yeast extracts that can bring different benefits to your products promoting healthiness when compensate for the lack of salt in salt-reduced recipes, building the taste, and masking off notes. With Bionis, you may have a lot of possibilities to boost Clean, Safe & Sustainable choices.  

Get in touch with our team to know more about BIONIS line!

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