Privacy Notice

We at Zilor/Biorigin wish to maintain a relationship of trust and transparency with all our partners and customers. 


As a result, we have prepared this Privacy Notice (“Notice”) to help you understand what Personal Data is collected, why we collect it, and if and how we share it. In addition, we inform you of your rights regarding this Personal Data and how to exercise them with Zilor/Biorigin. 


For us, it is a priority to ensure the privacy and security of your Personal Data. Any information you provide to us will be treated within the limits set forth herein. 


In case of doubts related to the protection of your Personal Data, we provide an appropriate contact channel at the end of this notice.  




In order for you to fully understand this Notice, we have listed some important terms and concepts below. 




Personal Data 

Any information that identifies or can identify an individual. For example, name, date of birth, marital status, CPF/ME (Individual Taxpayer Number) registration number, e-mail, cell phone, residential address, bank account and branch, physical, economic, cultural or social characteristics, among others. It also includes Sensitive Personal Data, without distinction. 

Sensitive Personal Data 

Any Personal Data that indicates, or is used to infer racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, union or organization membership of a religious, philosophical or political nature, health or sex life, genetic or biometric data. 


The person in charge appointed to act as a communication channel between Zilor/Biorigin, the Data Subjects and the National Data Protection Agency (ANPD). 

Third parties 

Any person who has a non-employment and/or management relationship with Zilor/Biorigin, including, but not limited to, service providers, outsourced workers, business partners, suppliers, distributors and contractors with whom access to Personal Data/Sensitive Personal Data if necessary. 

Data Holder 

Individual to whom the Personal Data and/or Sensitive Personal Data refer. 


Any operation with Personal Data and/or Sensitive Personal Data, including collection, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of the information, modification, updating, communication, transfer, sharing and extraction of Personal Data. 




In order to respect your privacy, we understand that any processing of Personal Data must be limited to the minimum necessary, relevant and proportionate to allow the intended purpose to be carried out. Therefore, the Personal Data we collect about you will vary depending on the relationship you choose to establish with us, that is, customer, supplier, visitor, partners, among others. 


Below, grouped into categories, we present the main Personal Data that may be processed by Zilor/Biorigin: 


  1. Identification information, such as full name, date of birth, ID Card, CPF, profession, position, nationality, among others with particular relevance; 


  1. Information that helps us to contact you, such as home address, landline or cell phone and personal and/or professional e-mails; 


  1. Financial information, such as checking account and bank branch; 


  1. Professional information, such as profession, place of work, position, professional history, academic qualifications, diplomas and other qualification certificates, among others; 


  1. Attributes associated with electronic devices, such as access provider, operating system, browser (type, version, enabled options and installed plug-ins), video settings (size/resolution and amount of colors), date and time of access and pages viewed through cookies; 


  1. Information from third parties and information shared by third parties with Zilor/Biorigin, such as information from credit bureaus, which present registration, behavioral and financial data and job sites; and 


  1. General data, that is, the content that you send us of your own free will and can be collected through our service channels, available on Zilor/Biorigin website. 




The information we process about you may have been provided directly by you to Zilor/Biorigin, by third parties or public bases. 


  1. Provided Directly by You


From the beginning of your interaction with us, you voluntarily provide us with information about yourself. For example, when you contact us through social media or our service channels; or even when registering to participate in a selection process conducted by Zilor/Biorigin, or when providing information necessary to enter our units or to enter into contracts or other documents. 


  1. Obtained from Third Parties


The collection of Personal Data may occur indirectly, that is, without the participation of the Data Subject, an opportunity in which Zilor/Biorigin must adopt measures to guarantee the lawfulness of the processing of Personal Data and the sharing. In specific cases, we may also receive some Personal Data from you through third parties. For example, information provided by Zilor/Biorigincontractors, such as consultants, service providers and suppliers, and also in the context of selection processes, in which we receive information from websites and employment agencies, among others. 


  1. Automatically 


In some situations, we may also automatically collect Personal Data from the devices you use to access our website and/or our internal network. This information helps us generate access statistics and, thus, get to know our audience better, in addition to being essential for information security purposes. Some of this data may be collected through cookies or similar technologies, as we will explain in a separate topic below. 


  1. Publicly Available


There is also the possibility that we collect information from you that is publicly available, including, but not limited to, social media (such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.) and publicly available databases of public bodies. The information is publicly available.  




The Personal Data that Zilor/Biorigin collects is used for the following purposes: 


  1. Meet the purpose for which the data was provided 


We process your Personal Data to enable the purpose for which the data was collected or for other purposes compatible with these. For example, when receiving your Curriculum to participate in our selection processes for new employees, when contacting our service channel. 


  1. Comply with our legal or regulatory obligations


Your Personal Data may be used to fulfill our obligations under the law and/or regulations of government bodies and orders or requests from tax authorities, the Judiciary and/or other competent authorities. For example, we may process Personal Data for the issuance of Invoices.  


  1. Allow the regular exercise of our rights


Even after your relationship with us has ended, we may process some of your Personal Data to exercise our rights guaranteed by law, including as evidence in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings. 


  1. Enable necessary activities for our organization


Based on our legitimate interest, we may also process your Personal Data in activities such as: communication and marketing, relationship with our customers and partners (such as investors and shareholders, for example) analysis and internal consultations. In activities that support the interests of Zilor/Biorigin, we will always observe the limits of your expectation and the processing of Personal Data will not prejudice your interests, fundamental rights or freedoms. 


  1. Execute a contract you have entered into with us or carry out pre-contractual steps 


If you are a party to a contract with Zilor/Biorigin, or represent a company in a contract, we will process your data for the conclusion and execution of the contract, for example, to ensure the performance of the work and the respective payment. Furthermore, the data will be processed for the maintenance of our business relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and others.  


  1. Recruitment and Selection


We advertise our vacancies on specialized websites. We also receive referrals from our employees, in addition to the Curriculums that may be physically left at our units. In these situations, we will process your Personal Data to analyze your CV, verify your skills, curricular information and whether or not you meet the specific requirements of the vacancy for which you have applied, as well as to proceed with the selection process, when applicable, in situations such as contacting by phone or e-mail and scheduling interviews. 


  1. Avoiding Fraud and Ensuring Your Security 


We may process your Personal Data to ensure your security (and that of third parties) and to prevent identification fraud, especially during your entry or visit to our premises. 


  1. Advertising 


Finally, we may use your Personal Data to create target audiences and thus better promote updated content from Zilor/Biorigin marketing campaigns or to provide information requested by sending mailings. In these cases, the option to exclude registration from our database will always be available at the end of each communication we send, with the possibility of choosing in relation to receiving information about Zilor/Biorigin. 




Cookies are text files that may be stored on your electronic devices when you visit our website. Zilor/Biorigin can use this tool for different purposes, such as generating access statistics, improving your experience in our interfaces / domains, among others. Aggregated into groups, below we list the types of cookies that may be used, and their purposes:  


Type of Cookie 

What do they do? 


Cookies essential to enable the proper functioning of our website, as well as to allow you to make use of all available features. 


Cookies that help us understand how visitors interact with our website, providing information about the areas visited, the time of visit to the site and any problems that may be encountered. 


Cookies that allow us to remember your previous choices, such as navigation language. They are responsible for providing a personalized experience. 


Cookies are used to provide more content relevant and specific to your interests. They can also be used to present advertising with a greater targeting or limit the number that is served. They also allow the measurement of the effectiveness of a launched campaign. 




It is possible that Zilor/Biorigin makes the shared use of your Personal Data, in which case it will be restricted to the minimum appropriate and necessary for the fulfillment of any of the specific purposes.  

Zilor/Biorigin will only share Personal Data with third parties if it is based on a legal basis provided for in legislation and/or in a contract that contains appropriate privacy and Personal Data protection clauses. Examples of third parties that may receive Personal Data: providers of systems and software that are used in the day-to-day activities of Zilor/Biorigin, bodies, agencies and public authorities, and suppliers, customers or service providers that need to access Data Personnel for the execution of contracts. Exceptionally, sharing of Personal Data with Biorigin units and companies located abroad may occur.  



Personal Data will be stored for the time necessary for Zilor/Biorigin to fulfill its purpose, and will be deleted after the end of its processing, within the scope and technical limits of the activities. Zilor /Biorigin and/or third parties that may have access to Personal Data may (will) keep Personal Data, even after the end of the purpose, in authorized or mandatory cases, both in accordance with legislation.  


The Personal Data Subject may request the deletion of their Personal Data by sending a request to the email However, some information may be kept, in situations where the legislation authorizes or obliges the storage, as well as in the case of defenses in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings. 


If there is any situation that requires the storage of Personal Data for a longer period, the person responsible for the activity must notify the Person in Charge. After this period, the Personal Data must be discarded or, if destruction is not possible, anonymized, including in relation to backupfiles, respecting the technical limits. 




To ensure that your Personal Data is protected, Zilor/Biorigin implements technical and organizational measures to help protect the security of Personal Data, such as: technological mechanisms to protect against unauthorized access to the systems; screen lock, antivirus, access control and guidelines on the use of passwords and software, among others that must be observed by all Employees. 




Whatever the relationship you choose to establish with Zilor/Biorigin, you are guaranteed all the rights relating to your Personal Data provided for by law, including, but not limited to: 


  1.  Knowing if we process any of your personal data; 


  1.  Knowing which Personal Data about you is processed by us; 


  1.  Correcting incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data; 


  1.  Requesting the anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive data or that, perhaps, have been processed in violation of the law; 


  1. Requesting the review of solely automated decisions that affect your interests; 


  1.  Requesting the deletion of data processed with your consent; 


  1.  Obtaining information about the public or private entities with which we share your data; and 


  1.  When the processing activity requires your consent, you may refuse to consent. In this case, we will inform you about the consequences of not performing such activity. If you consent, you can revoke it at any time. 


The Data Subject may exercise their rights in relation to the Personal Data processed by Zilor/Biorigin at any time and upon request, through the following email address: 


In specific circumstances, it is possible that your request may not be fulfilled. In these cases, we will explain the reasons that justified the non-compliance. 


Requests involving Personal Data and/or documents of other data subjects will not be met, except by means of a power of attorney, parental authority or other hypothesis that authorizes the exercise of the right of another data subject by you. 




If you have any questions, you can contact our Data Protection Officer by e-mail: 


 11 UPDATE  


It is possible that some of the information provided here may be updated or changed. Therefore, we encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Notice. 


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