Snacks are fast and convenient foods usually consumed between the main meals. The snacks category has experienced significant global growth in recent years, driven by food preference changes, the adoption of more active and busier lifestyles, and the increasing demand for healthy, natural snacks that offer indulgence and convenience. 

Reduced sugar, fat, sodium, and plant-based and alternative-protein snacks are becoming increasingly popular. However, indulgence is still an essential factor driving innovation in that category, with brands launching products that combine indulgence with healthy, functional ingredients. 

Biorigin’s ingredients enhance the flavor and provide body and mouthfeel, rounding out Umami and balancing the overall flavor of recipes, helping to reduce their sodium content. They are excellent options for developing clean label, tasty, and healthy snack recipes. 

55% of snack consumers in Germany say they look for healthy snack options (Source: Kantar Profiles/ Mintel, May 2021)

72% of adults in China look for snacks made with healthier ingredients (Source: KuRunData/ Mintel. November 2020) 

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