Meat and Analogs

Proteins are essential nutrients for humans, as they are crucial for synthesizing and maintaining body tissues and functions. Meat and seafood products are the primary sources of protein. However, an increasing number of consumers have sought meat alternatives when adopting plant-based diets or reducing meat consumption to different degrees, as is the case of flexitarians. 

One of the main expectations of consumers is to find healthier animal-meat alternatives with health and environmental benefits, to animal meat with health and the environment, expanding the market for meat analogs. 

However, manufacturers still face significant challenges, as producing plant-based products resembling animal protein requires much research, development, and investment. Obtaining the right texture, flavor, and aroma is often difficult. In addition, consumers demand recipes with reduced processing levels, fewer ingredients and additives, and better nutritional profile, taste, texture, and functionality. 

Biorigin’s ingredients intensify and enhance meat and specific notes, providing more flavor, Umami, body, and mouthfeel to your recipes and allowing reducing sodium content without compromising flavor. Our ingredients are recommended for vegan and vegetarian recipes and to meet flexitarians’ demands for meat flavor in animal protein-free recipes by building a flavor base and masking undesirable vegetable notes.

The expectation of the analogues market is to reach an annual growth of 16.8% until 2027 (Statista, 2022)

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FORMULATIONS for Meat and Analogs