Dairy Products and Analogs 

The dairy segment faces several challenges, including production-related issues, changing consumer preferences, and the impact of reduced salt and fat trends, which directly impacts product taste and texture. Environmental, health, and animal welfare concerns and the increasing adoption of plant-based diets have driven the recent growth of the milk-analog market. 

Sustainable, nutritious, and tasty options are the main expectations of consumers. Increasingly sophisticated and customized products that meet consumers’ specific needs and preferences are the primary trend in this food category. 

According to Euromonitor, the future of plant-based alternatives will be driven by efforts to replicate dairy product functionalities better, improve their nutritional profile, flavor, and texture, and keep the label as clean as possible. 

Biorigin’s ingredients help enhance milky, roasted notes (coffee, chocolate), provide more flavor, creaminess, and mouthfeel, and balance the flavor in reduced sodium and sugar recipes. They can also be applied to vegan products to mask undesirable plant notes, enhance the overall flavor, and help create milky notes and creaminess.

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FORMULATIONS for Dairy Products and Analogs