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Create yummy and winner recipes with

natural-origin ingredients

For 20 years, Biorigin has been using its know-how in fermentation to build the taste of healthy & convenient foods in a clean and sustainable way. 

Our natural-origin yeast extracts and flavors is the right solution to: 

Flavor & Nutritional Carrier

Flavor enhancement




Sodium Reduction

Specific Notes

Masking off notes

Sugar Reduction

Caramel Color/


Fat Reduction

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Win your customer preference with Biorigin natural-origin ingredients!

Biorigin has the biotechnology expertise to get the best of the fermentation process and develop  with its partners the best solution to create yummy and winner recipes.



Provide Umami, savory & roasted notes, juiciness, mouthfeel, and creaminess, making foods even more delicious and nutritional. 

Promote the healthiness 

Intensify the taste appeal of reduced recipes by increasing the saltiness and the sweetness and blowing up specific notes in recipes reduced in salt, sugar or fat, compensating for the lack of these ingredients. 

Taste builder and masker  

From red to white meat taste, create the taste note of chicken and beef in non-meat recipes or highlight these tastes in meaty products, or/ and, at the same time, mask undesirable taste notes typically associated with plant-based recipes. 

Boost the Clean, Safe & Sustainable choices

More than 90% of the energy necessary to produce Biorigin ingredients is from renewable sources. The company is a Golden rating in GHG Protocol Program, ISO 14001, Bonsucro certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, Ecovadis, and Smeta audit. Biorigin assures full traceability of its production chain.