Biotaste is the yeast-based line that provides specific flavor notes contributing to fulfill the culinary demand of today’s market place. Despite deliver unique notes, Biotaste ingredients blowing up the original taste, providing body, mouthfeel and natural taste enhancement.

Biotaste offers 4 specific flavor solutions:

Biotaste BE provides roasted savory meat taste. 

Biotaste CH provides roasted savory chicken taste. 

Biotaste Meat provides meaty taste and juiciness.  

Biotaste P provides roasted savory taste. 

Biotaste line is suitable for a wide range of application including soups, broths, sauces, snacks, spreads, meat, vegan and meat alternative products, as it could build meat notes in non-meat recipes. 

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All Biotaste range is natural-origin, animal-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, certified sustainable by Bonsucro, Kosher and Halal certified, and could be used in a wide range of food and beverages, being a suitable solution for salt reduction and plant-based initiatives.  


*Specific products.