Taste Improvement

Taste and flavor play a major role in determining the enjoyment and satisfaction people have with food, and are key drivers of consumer behavior and decision-making, influencing whether or not a consumer will buy a product again, impacting how satisfying a meal is to the consumer and how healthy a food is perceived to be. 

The taste and flavor of food can impact mood and emotions. A food that is sweet, salty, or savory can evoke feelings of pleasure and comfort, for example. They are also an important aspect of cultural identity and tradition. Many people associate certain tastes and flavors with specific cultural experiences and memories, which can influence food choice and behavior. 

Biorigin offers natural-origin ingredients that improve the overall taste of many types of foods, delivering Umami, compensating the lack of taste of salt, sugar and fat-reduced formulations, and vegan and plant-based foods. Check below.